The 2020 Salisbury Pride Festival will be held in historic downtown Salisbury, NC on Saturday, June 27 from 11 am - 5 pm. Our afterparty celebration will begin at 8 pm at The Fish Bowl, located at 127 E. Innes St.

Vendor spaces for the 2020 festival are the same as previous years: along Fisher Street, Lee Street, and the parking lot in between, in historic downtown Salisbury, NC.

2020 fees:

For-profit vendor fee: $75 (10'x10' space) and $150 (10'x20' space).

Non-profit vendor fee: $50

Entry-level (Supporting) Sponsor: $100 (includes media listing in addition to standard 10'x10' booth space). Click here to learn more about becoming a sponsor.

Click here to complete your vendor form and pay fees online.

If you have questions about becoming a vendor at our festival, click here to send us a message.


Vendors agree to all terms and conditions noted below. Failure to follow them may result in removal of vendor privileges.

Salisbury Pride Provides/Offers:

  1. Booth space: Each booth space will be approximately 10'x10.

  2. Tables/chairs: All exhibitors will receive an eight-foot banquet table and two folding chairs. Additional tables and chairs are available for rent (see application form). There are no refunds or fee reductions for unused tables/chairs. 

  3. Power: Power is available for a limited number of booths. There is no additional cost, but power needs to be requested on the application form. Vendors will be responsible for supplying their own extension cords.

  4. Booth assignment: Salisbury Pride reserves the sole right to assign booth space to exhibitors. No guarantees are given to fulfill requests for a specific location.

Vendor Provides/Agrees to:

  1. Payment: Full payment must accompany your completed application for consideration. Incomplete applications will be returned. We accept online payment at as well as business checks and cashier's checks or money orders for payment. Receipt of your completed application and payment will be confirmed via email.

  2. Refunds: Requests for booth fee refunds must be made in writing to Salisbury Pride and postmarked no later than June 10, 2020. Absolutely NO refunds will be made after June 10, 2020

  3. Application confirmation: You will receive an email confirmation when your completed application and payment has been processed by Salisbury Pride. Please allow five (5) business days after receipt for your application to be processed. This is the only confirmation that will be sent. A welcome packed with maps and booth location will be available at check-in.

  4. Permits/Licensing/Insurance: Vendors are required to obtain, at their own expense, any and all permits, licenses, and/or insurance that may be required by the City of Salisbury, NC, and/or Rowan County and/or the State of North Carolina. A copy of any permits and licenses needed by the vendor must be sent in with the application. Non-profit vendors must submit proof of their non-profit status.

  5. Sales tax: Vendors selling any item subject to North Carolina sales tax assume all responsibility and liability for obtaining and paying for a valid North Carolina Resale Permit. Vendor is responsible for collection of all sales tax on items sold and for payment to the State of North Carolina for all sales taxes collected.

  6. Check-in: Check-in hours will be 9-10:30 am the morning of the festival. Vendors not checked in by 10:30 am are NOT guaranteed accommodation. Absolutely NO FEES will be refunded for vendors arriving after the deadline and/or for 'no-shows'. Salisbury Pride does not provide any carts, volunteers, or other assistance for vendor set-up or tear-down. Vendors will check in at the VEndor/Information booth located near the corner of Innes Street and Lee Street. All tents must be weighted down.

  7. Check-out: All vendors must check out with a Salisbury Pride representative at the Vendor/Information booth prior to leaving. We request you remind until 5 pm. Early departure may result in revocation of future participation. All vendor equipment and personal items must be removed by 6 pm the day of the festival.

  8. Damage: Vendors are solely responsible for any damages caused during load in/out.

  9. Merchandise: A list of all items to be displayed, offered for sale, or distributed without charge must be stated on the application. Only items indicated on the application may be displayed, sold, or offered (with or without charge) at this event.

  10. Salisbury Pride cannot guarantee the weather, the size of the crowd, or any other unforeseen obstacles. Therefore, no refunds will be provided in the event that or organization or business cannot realize its expectations on the day of the festival. There is no rain date planned, and the event will take place even if it rains.

  11. Non-discrimination: Vendors agree not to discriminate against any individual on the basis of sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, race, color, physical limitations, or heritage. Salisbury Pride reserves the right to require any vendor to remove from display and immediately cease selling or distributing any item that could be deemed inappropriate and/or might cause a disturbance. Sexist, racist, homophobic, or other offensive materials will not be permitted. Any vendor found in violation of this policy may be subject to immediate removal from the festival with NO refund of vendor fees.

  12. The Salisbury Pride festival wishes to be a community event in every sense of the term. Diversity of vendor items/information is encouraged. However, nudity, indecency, or conduct inappropriate for a mixed audience will not be allowed. Information and items of a graphic sexual nature cannot be distributed. Information or items provided for education regarding sexuality or safe sexual practices are invited.

  13. Noise/Special Effects: As a courtesy to other vendors, please keep amplified sound from your booth at a reasonable level. Salisbury Pride reserves the right to make judgment regarding whether a vendor is causing interference and ask for removal of any special effects that are causing the interference.

  14. Non-transferable: Booth space is non-transferable and no booth space may be reassigned to a third party without the express written approval of Salisbury Pride, Inc.