2020 Salisbury Pride Festival

Often, the right decision is the hardest decision to make.


Our board has made the very difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Salisbury Pride Festival and other Pride events scheduled for June 2020. In light of the continuing impact of COVID-19, this is the most responsible thing to do to help protect our entire community from the unnecessary spread of this virus. We look forward to celebrating our 10th festival with you in 2021.

But just because we aren’t having a festival this year doesn’t mean we don’t have a theme, a motto, to live by for 2020. The theme we had already chosen for 2020 is “Live Your Truth.”

Whether LGBTQ+ or supportive ally, each of us strive to live our own truth every single day.

What does Pride and living our truth mean to us?


These are qualities that define who we are and what we stand for. These qualities are even more valuable as, together, we face an uncertain road ahead.

Join us in living your truth in 2020.

THANK YOU for your support.

Stay safe. Stay proud.

The Board of Salisbury Pride

2020 THEME

Salisbury Pride strives to develop an annual theme that includes not only the festival itself but carries throughout other events and activities during the year.

For 2020, the Salisbury Pride theme is Live Your Truth. We all, whether LGBTQ+ or supportive ally, live our own truth, every single day. We live our truth by being authentic and true to who we are and what we believe. In honoring our first 10 years of living our truth openly, in public, as Salisbury Pride, we can pave the way for the next 10 years of equality in our community.

Join us in living your truth in 2020.

Previous themes:

2019 - Never Silent

2018 - This is Us

2017 - Stand Proud, Stand Strong, Stand United

2016 - Believe in Love

2015 - I Do

2014 - Small City, Big Pride

2013 - Peace, Love, Pride

2012 - Imagine, Dream, Believe

2011 - One City, One Goal

Salisbury Pride is a grassroots organization located in Salisbury, NC, USA. We held our city's first LGBTQ+ Pride celebration in 2011 continue to work tirelessly to build safe, inclusive communities where all people feel welcome. 


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