2021 Salisbury Pride Festival

Salisbury Pride will hold its 2021 event on Saturday, September 25.


Whether that will be an in-person festival or a virtual celebration will depend on the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in our community.

Vendor and sponsor information will be available at a later date.

THANK YOU for your continued support.

Stay safe. Stay proud.


2021 THEME

Salisbury Pride strives to develop an annual theme that includes not only the festival itself but carries throughout other events and activities during the year.

For 2021, the Salisbury Pride theme is Together We Can. We have all seen over the past year that we rely on each other in many different ways. When we join forces, nothing can stop progress and change.


Together, we can push for love and truth instead of hate and lies.

Together, we can work to end systemic oppression.

Together, we can educate our communities and change hearts and minds.

Together, we can fight for equality for all.

Previous themes:

2020 - Live Your Truth

2019 - Never Silent

2018 - This is Us

2017 - Stand Proud, Stand Strong, Stand United

2016 - Believe in Love

2015 - I Do

2014 - Small City, Big Pride

2013 - Peace, Love, Pride

2012 - Imagine, Dream, Believe

2011 - One City, One Goal