Entertainment lineup is subject to change at any time without notice.
This list includes performers for both the daytime festival and the after party events.

Aria Russo.jpg

Aria Russo

Bruno Diaz 3.jpg

Bruno Diaz

Cliff Warner-1.jpg

Cliff Warner

Jamie Monroe.png

Jamie Monroe

Malayia Chanel Iman.jpg

Malayia Chanel Iman

Patti O_Furniture 1.jpg

Patti O'Furniture

Taeya Mimosa 3.jpg

Taeya Mimosa

Bear Trax 1.jpg

DJ Bear Trax

Cierra Desiree Nichole 4.jpg

Cierra Desiree Nichole

Devonte Jackson.jpg

Devonte Jackson

Kassandra Hylton.jpg

Kassandra Hylton

My_Kel Knight-Addams Iman.jpg

My'Kel Knight-Addams Iman

Shana Nicole 2.jpg

Shana Nicole

Taylor Knight Addams St. James.jpg

Taylor Knight-Addams St. James

Blair Williams 2.jpg

Blair Williams

Delighted Tobehere 2.jpg

Delighted Tobehere

Emory Starr.jpg

Emory Starr

King Cameron 2.jpg

King Cameron

Paris Nicole Brooks-Bonet 2.jpg

Paris Brooks-Bonet

Skylar Michele-Monet.jpg

Skylar Michele-Monet

The Massengill Sisters 2.jpg

The Massengill Sisters